Quick Wins: Studio Owner Course at Pole Con 2020!

Quick Wins: Studio Owner Course at Pole Con 2020!

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PSO's first workshop at PoleCon in 2019 "Be A Business Badass" was a great success! We've taken your feedback and reworked our content to give you another full day of new material.

While we love and value studio managers or other staff, this course is open to business owners only.

You will learn tools and takeaways regarding: 

- Cash - reading your financial statements, increasing your cash flow, and eliminating unnecessary expenses
- Sales - creating your customer avatar and figuring out where they hang out
- Strategy - imagining your vision for the upcoming year, the next 3 years, and the next 10 years and why that's important to think about today
- Execution - setting up your systems and processes to create less drama in your business and personal life

This course is available at PoleCon 2020 on Thursday, June 4, from 9am-5pm.